Contains all your projects and allows those that are added as members to access relevant projects.


Should contain all the data for a particular feature or even product that you are working on.


An individual who is part of a team in epiphany.


Notes are blank documents which can be used to capture all kinds of data ranging from random customer conversations, focused interviews, emails, intercom chats, usability tests, sales conversations, etc.


Channels act like folders for your notes so that you can group them in a system understood by your team for easy retrieval and classification.


Labels are tags for notes, allowing you to assign keywords to your notes to improve future search and retrieval.


Highlights are snippets of textual excerpts that you can create in your notes.


Tags are specifically for highlights created, and they can be titled and given an optional description.


Categories are containers for tags so that multiple tags can be grouped together in a classification that makes sense to your team.


Charts are visual representations of the highlight data in a project, against four entities - categories, segments, customers, and channels.


Customers are profiles of your users. They are limited to each project and allow you to track specific identifiers for your users.


Segments are containers for customers so that you can classify your customers in different ways. Customers can be assigned to more than one segment.

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