Adding Members to a Team

  1. Only the Admin of a team can add members to a team.

  2. In the Members section on the left of the teams page, click Invite a new member.

  3. Enter the email addresses of the people you would like to invite to your team, and click the Invite button.

  4. Invited members will appear under the Members section of the left of the teams page, with the status Pending.

  5. Once an invited member has created an epiphany account, their status will be changed to Member.

Types of Member Roles

• Admin: can manage the organization and invite new members.

Member: can create new projects and create public projects.

Guest: can only view the projects they are directly added to.

Permissions for Projects

• Can Manage: can manage rights and edit anything in the project.

• Can Edit: can edit content within the project.

• Can View: can only view the content of the project.

• No Access: cannot view or edit the project.

Up next: Privacy Settings

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