When a highlight that has a customer profile is linked to an idea, that customer’s profile is also linked to the idea. This allows the customer’s data to be directly linked to that particular idea.

Further, this customer is then able to give an opportunity score to a particular idea. This means you can get the relevant customer’s ratings for a specific idea.

Opportunity Scores

Opportunity scores give you a way to prioritize the different needs based on the customer value you can create. They are based on two dimensions and rated out of 5.

  • Importance: how important is a particular need to a customer.

  • Satisfaction: how well does the proposed solution meet their needs.

  1. Click on an idea you would like to add an opportunity score to.

  2. Connect a highlight to an idea if not already done so. This highlight must be in a note linked to a customer profile to use this feature.

  3. Click the Details tab in the idea panel.

  4. Click on the Customers Involved section.

  5. Click on the Export icon to the right of the customer profile.

  6. Click the Ideas tab to see the linked ideas for that customer.

  7. Enter the customer’s rating for “How important is this for this customer?

  8. Enter the customer’s rating for “How satisfied is he/ she with the status quo?

  9. The opportunity score will automatically be calculated based on the number of customers and the ratings that they provide.

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