Visualise these Data Types

Our charts can show you the following relationships all in one view, so that you can see how the various data sources and types interact with each other.

  • Number of Highlights by Tags

  • Number of Highlights by Segments

  • Number of Highlights by Customer Profiles

  • Number of Highlights by Channels

Toggle between Two Views

There are two views for each chart, which you can toggle between by clicking the Pie Chart icon or the Bar Chart icon in the top right corner of each chart’s section.

  • Pie Chart View: we recommend this when there are fewer instances of the data.

  • Bar Chart View: we recommend this when there are more instances of the data.

View Linked Highlights

The number linked to each segment represents the number of highlights that are linked to it, and clicking on a segment of a chart displays the specific highlights linked to it.

Apply Filters to Build Queries

Use our filter functionality to build custom queries to explore and visualise your data. With the ability to stack filters, you can build layered and complex queries to dive deeper into your data.

Filter your data by whether it contains:

  • Text

  • Tags

Filter your data by source types:

  • Channels

  • Segments

  • Customers

  • Notes

Filter your data by date:

  • Created

  • Last Updated

Filter your data by status:

  • Starred

We have written a series of comprehensive guide to using filters and each type of filter which can be found here.

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